Getting ready for 2014 Senior portrait Liason models

It was fun! You made it easy. After a few shots Kelsey really relaxed. The pictures are great!- --Lenny, --Dexter High School Mom
With the ice almost off the area ponds, thoughts turn to….warm evening breeze, warm soft evening light, yup summer senior portrait sessions. I know, class of 2013 isn’t hasn’t even said aloha to their high school just yet… To kick off the class of 2014 Ann Arbor senior portrait season I am looking for a few enthusiastic current high school juniors from Ann Arbor area high schools–specificallcy, from Ann Arbor Pioneer, Ann Arbor Huron, Ann ARbor Skyline, Ann Arbor Greenhills, Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard, Dexter, Chelsea, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake ,Brighton, Howell, and others– to have early bird portrait session and then share their awesome images with class mates. The Liason model :

li•ai•son (liˈeɪ zən/ meaning: cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations’

Like Noah, we can have two Liason model reps for each school. A Liason has awesome pictures done early in the season (April/May) The pictures are quite awesome and she shows them to friends. This year we’re gonna do mobile portfolios. If the friend comes in she will gett a special discount & extra special perk and the Liason earns a credit, or cash for the referral. It’s a win win win for everyone. It’s fun because we get to play with new looks–I experiment with new backgrounds and styles the Liason gets not just one but Two sessions–the early bird session AND one later in the summer.    I prefer to go on location for the April May session, some place new!
For more info here is a link to the application. Any enthsiastic class of 2014 student attending a local school can apply!

getting ready for class of 2014 senior picture season, looking for 2014 Photo Generations Liasons for early portrait session
getting ready for class of 2014 senior picture season, looking for 2014 Photo Generations Liasons for early portrait session



It’s like, the best close up of my entire life! I love it!! We ARE SO HAPPY! WE LOVE IT!- --student Ashley D.



senior portrait Liason models wanted

If you are outgoing and really want extra extra extra special senior portraits, being a Liason student model rep is a natural thing to do.

Benefits to you:

  1. You’ll have two sessions an early bird quickie complimentary session before May 1, and a NO LIMITS session later in the summer.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to earn big discounts off your senior portrait collection.
  3. You’ll get special stuff FREE to share with friends
  4. You’ll have fun, and have a great experience to include on future job applications.

What you do:

  1. Show off your mobile portfolio to all your friends, post your pictures on your facebook and allow us to tag you, and pass out gift cards to classmates that will save them money and get them special bonuses on their portraits.
  2. Pay a $150 deposit which will be applied to the portrait collection of your choice.
  3. Represent Photo Generations exclusively.
  4. Make sure your parent is as enthusiastic about this opportunity as you are.
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brothers senior picture
what a fun session this was. We started in the studio for a ‘traditional’ yearbook portrait, then moved outside & made senior pictures with each brother with his special interests, the dog, soccer, hunting, then a series of family portraits. Whew! That was lilke three session at once! We usually do the senior family session at a later date. It was so beautiful we took advantage of the fleeting fall color to do the family session at the same time. Wish you could see all the images. Awesome!

senior portrait photography session & storybook just $200 ! wow

Bargain time: Session + 20 Page high end Storybook: $200 no kidding

Bargain hunters: value alert: EZEE Session + 20 Page high end Storybook: $200
Q: How in the world can it be so affordable?
A: By taking advantage of this special offer:

First, Book & pay for your session before August 5. EZEE session normally $50, just $35. (If you choose the 90-minute No Limit session your session will be $105 when arranged by August 5–for a Your Special PLace session in Ann Arbor or at hour horse barn the session will be $136.50, but only if you arrange the date and pay session session fee before August 5, 2013)

2nd: Within 3 weeks of your senior portrait photography session, simply choose your favorite 20 images and add them to the cart on your personal web portrait gallery and send a note to Colleen that you want the StoryBook Special. Your cost for the normally $585 deluxe 20-page StoryBook Album will be just $165.

Q: Why in the world would you do this, it sounds too good to be true?
A: Short answer: we’re sacrificing profit, And you must commit within 3 weeks of your session.
A: Long answer: Colleen really loves senior portraits and is kinda sad when so many wonderful images are put in little, boring ‘proof’ books, along with all the skin imperfections in the untouched-up ‘proofs’, or worse yet the images are never printed! She noticed that the Gorgeous 8×8 Albums are not as popular as they Deserve to be, (probably because they were so time-comsuming and expensive to prepare, the studio had to charge ‘ a lot’).

Then Colleen found an album bindery who makes extra-gorgeous albums, who charges not-so-crazy-high-amounts for a special StoryBooks, and Colleen fell in love with the StoryBook and wants as many Photo Generations senior portrait photography clients from the Class of 2014 to get this wonderful keepsake from this special time in their life.

So by streamlining your order process (you MUST choose your pictures and pay $165 WITHIN 3 WEEKS of the session–NO EXCEPTONS!! )

It is easiest for you to choose right away from your proof site using the ‘Favorites list’.

This allows Colleen to design your custom StoryBook when she is still very excited about the images. And let’s face it. Senior portraits are a labor of Love here at Photo Generations.

We want you to Love your portraits, because we Love making them, especially the way they look in the new StoryBook 8×8 album. Make sure to look over our samples when you are in the studio at your session!

Did you know that your senior pictures session always includes a custom on-line senior portrait photography web proof gallery hosted by Photo Generations?

It is active for just 4 days, but you can extend the valid time for a small charge.