How to prepare for the Big Show:

We can meet anywhere to do the Big Show, as long as you get the wall image to Colleen around session time.

How to prepare for the Big Show:

  1. Find a wall you think you want to hang your finished portrait on.
  2. Tape an 8-1/2 x11 paper onto the wall at eye level.
  3. If it’s dark, turn on lights.
  4. Step back as far as possible, square yourself the the wall (try to get the phone parallel to the wall), take the photo.
  5. Share the photo with Colleen.
  6. That’s it! Colleen will add the photo to your Big Show when she edits your proofs.

Why & How the Big Show works:

If you desire a wall portrait for your home, you are well-served if you can pre-envision where it will be displayed.

If you do not desire a wall portrait, there is no need for a Big Show; the 2-week on-line proof gallery should be sufficient to choose your portraits.

Colleen has software that enables us to project your portrait in a frame or collage, on your wall in your home.

You send Colleen a photo of your preferred wall display space, she puts it in the software and together we choose your fave photos & put them virtually on your wall.

You then can decide easily if you prefer a canvas or a frame presentation and you can confidently order, expecting a ready to hang portrait a few weeks later.