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thank you for the beautiful work that you did on my senior photos. My family and friends are very pleased. Thank you!- Taylor P., Class of 2013 Ann Arbor Community High School

Top 10 senior portrait photography tips for ann arbor area Class of 2018 senior high school students

Senior Portrait Tip #1 An Ann Arbor area high school yearbook advisor said it best, “Just because someone owns a digital camera doesn’t mean they take quality senior photos. Quite honestly, amateur digital photographers are more popular than ever. … Many of the pictures we’ve received … are of poor quality. ” Have a professional make your portrait.

Senior Portrait Tip #2  Preview your proofs online.   Then come back to the studio to order with Colleen.  This way you’ll have expert advice on cropping and photo presentation options…Maybe those fun pix from the river will make a cute lil canvas collage…..and your favorite image will be perfect as a larger stand alone portrait.  And, who knew, the proofs could not do justice to the beautiful background or those lovely green eyes in the finished photograph!

Senior Portrait Tip #3 Accessorize each outfit before coming to session. Try on all new clothing, remove tags and finalize your look and your outfit before the session. This will allow smooth clothing changes during the session and potentially more refined & varied looks in our session.

Senior Portrait Tip #4 Let’s talk Visual style. When deciding on a senior portrait photographer, look at lots of pictures and get a feel for the style you prefer. When you look at a photography studios’ senior pictures ask yourself:

    • Do I like the images?
    • Do I like the backgrounds?
    • Do I like the way the the subjects look?
    • Do the pictures feel the way I want my senior portraits to feel?
    • Is the price right?

If you answer yes to those questions, then the style of the photographer matches your style-that’s great! Contact ’em. If not, keep looking till you find the right match.

Senior Portrait Tip #5 Think about what you want to represent in your senior pictures Before you arrange your session. You are free to make both a yearbook stye portrait, AND creative and fun senior pictures for personal use AT THE SAME SESSION. Find a photographer who can provide both for you. (Yes, it is true that we can make creative portraits WITHOUT you pre-envisioning what style senior portrait you desire, HOWEVER we’ve found you will get EVEN BETTER senior pictures if you pause to consider matching your interests and personal style to what we can do.  For example you might simply bring your dog to the session for a guest appearance–OR you may have a ga-jillion shoes in your closet, or you may have a special bicycle…).

Senior Portrait Tip #6 Ask questions. Preplan your session by consulting with your photographer before your portrait session. The consultation is most often a simple combination of website and phone consultation to clarify your main options and desires–without the need to travel to the studio before session. Tell the photographer exactly what you want to do. Most photographers enjoy collaborating with clients to make creative new photos–and a mix of both your idea and your photographers’ ideas and experience can make your portraits truly unique. Here at Photo Generations Colleen is the photographer and she must must speak with you prior to reserving your session in order to ensure you get the proper type session.

Senior Portrait Tip #7 Reserve your portrait session early in the season–well before the October or November yearbook deadline–most senior portraits sessions happen in August.  Summer flies by and many seniors are booking sessions for late August, so photographers are busy then. You don’t necessarily need to have your session early in the season, but if you reserve your session early you have a better chance of a) getting any early booking bonus, b) getting a preferred time. Best light is in the evening–it’s flattering and soft, and evening sessions tend to book-up.

Senior Portrait Tip #8 Enjoy the session! Your senior pictures may be the the best portraits of your life. So have fun. Stay relaxed. Find a few looks you want to represent and trust your photographer to make the most of your unique look and style.

Senior Portrait Tip #9 Don’t Worry about your complexion,at Photo Generations all your finished senior portrait photography is expertly touched up! Braces can even be removed for  $45 per chosen pose.

No worries for complexion, above pic shows how we touch up Every print you purchase from Photo Generations!.

Senior Portrait Tip #10  You are free to choose the senior portrait photographer you want. Your school may have an ‘official’ studio– but that studio must accept a yearbook portrait made elsewhere as long as it conforms to their specifications and is submitted by their deadline. Some schools will substitute a school-made id-type picture if you fail to have a senior portrait made.


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yearbook deadlines for senior pictures are usually in Sept-Nov.

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