joy doubled baby pictures at the studio

  • Every few years have a family portrait made.  You’ll be so happy you did.   A few years down the line & you will be amazed how young and happy everyone looked.  And in the meantime you’ll have some awesome portrait art hanging on your walls brightening up your day.  And you will have a very special baby photograph to give to  family members as a birthday or mother’s day gift.

    When you make the effort the family portrait becomes very special.  It just takes an hour or so one afternoon to get it done. We can make combinations of your family team -fun decoration for the kids room or TV room, front room or kitchen.

    Clothing coordination is straightforward.  For small family portraits–by small I mean a nuclear family–just parents and kids, everyone wears jeans and a simple top, babes-can wear just diapers–lots of skin. Kids under 8 years old we keep  the sessions breezy. Lots of floor time. Some wrestling (later in session) some looking at the camera, a some quiet time with mom.

    The studio here at Photo Generations is an old 1860’s house with a soft floor to play on & a big bay window for natural window-lit photography.  Colleen is a pro, has been working with cameras and photojournalistic portraits in Ann Arbor predating digital cameras.

    The things we do for family pictures, many of the same things you do at home, but somehow these pictures have more presence.. Everyone is in the pictures, and the images aren’t cheesy, and with a little pre-envisioning you will ceate some special family portrait art for your wall.

    And afterwards you can stroll over to DQ for an ice cream!

    It’s that simple.