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Tips for better photography of your kids in action

At the district soccer game yesterday (go dreads) a mom asked me why her inside pictures of volleyball are always blurry–while her outdoor soccer pix turn out good.  This will also help those trying to make water polo pictures!

These 4 steps, done in concert, will reduce and prevent blur in indoor sports pix:

1. Faster shutter speed– Stop the action! 1/125 , 1/180, 1/200 or faster,  (1/60 is too slow !)

2. Higher ISO–800, 1600 or higher. Set your camera film sensitivitly higher so you can get images in low light better–it may be grainier but that’s the tradeoff. (Remember to set it back to normal ISO when your done.)

3. Use ‘fast glass’ & shoot ‘wide open at f/2 ish’. Your lens should have a f/2.8 minimum aperture or a smaller # like f/2 or f/1.8.  Better to shoot with a normal (not zoom)  f/1.8 lens and get sharp action, than a ‘slow’ f/4 or f/5.6 zoom and everything  blurry.  With the normal ‘faster’ lens you’ll have to get closer to the action, and crop in closer before you print the picture.

4.  Use the ‘sports’ setting on your camera. It will bias your exposures  toward the fastest shutter speed wide open aperture combination needed to stop the action.  [Your other choice is to use the ‘M’ for manual setting on the camera and make sure the shutter is set faster AND the aperture is set to ‘wide open’  (hopefully f/2 or f/1.8 the smaller number the better here)]

stop the action with a higher shutter speed is easier outdoors where there's more light

Stop the action with a higher shutter speed. It's easier outdoors where there's more light.


Just remember:

‘ Egads  I  Shoot Amazingly ! ‘ and you’ll get it right


Exposure= ISO + Shutter speed + Aperture of lens


Inside there’s less light.  Since photography is  ‘writing with light’-the lower light requires a longer shutter speed to properly expose your ‘film’– digital or old fashioned film.  A slower shutter speed always allows blur to happen–blur of the subject running and jumping, and blur from you moving while holding the camera during the exposure.

Exposure in photography is the light ‘exposing’  the sensitive film or CCD.  If you don’t get the right exposure your images will either be too dark or too light.  Your goal is to get exposure just right, but to also have a sharp image. It is possible to have the technically ‘correct’ exposure but have a blurring image due to a long shutter speed.

What controls the exposure is a combination of  ISO , lens aperture, camera body shutter speed.  Because exposure is a mix of these things you need to adjust all items in concert so they together get it right.

–I learned all this stuff from years of working as a staffer at a daily newspaper doing Friday night football, baseball games, and swim meets, you  name it.  I now enjoy being a meek soccer mom taking pictures from a vantage point much closer to the stands than the bench.  : )  Colleen

Portraits in the Park 2009 | Dexter Ann Arbor Family Portraits

Time to Arrange your Family Portraitadult_sibs

Portraits in the Park 2009 once a year event!

Sat. Oct. 17th and Sunday Oct. 18th

This Special Edition Session emphasize Fun and Value!


  • This is peak color time and we know where to go for relaxing and beautiful images!
  • Make your family portrait..bring a football…play on the swings.. visit one of the area cider mills. Bring a pumpkin along…
  • Enjoy the day & create holiday gifts at a savings before the snow flies
  • Details:

  • 1/2 hour session –shorter than normal session
  • No session fee-
  • $150 deposit reserves your exclusive picture time
  • Best prices of the season decade !  the KIS pack includes 7 picture credits for $150
  • Perfect for holdiay cards
  • do not hesitatetrio__Mike
  • Let’s create family art for for you that is memorable.   Stop time!

  • 6 session times remain Sunday afternoon
  • 4 session time remain Saturday afternoon
  • call 734.426.0700 call before the remaining session fill to arrange your time.


    still time to have your senior session….

    Happy Labor Day!

    We just finished up a session at Autumn’s house–gorgeous gardens with all kinds of niches:  the frog pond, grampa’s barn, the split fence post, the wagon wheel, the cool cobble steps.  We did a family portrait and even put the backdrop for an in-home studio look with Autums sports jerseys.  Then after the garden pictures, we went over to Autumn’s boyfriend Tyler’s place to do action pictures on his dirt bike.  A very Loud bike.  good fun.  Thanks for a good time guys.  Can’t wait to see the pix.  We’ll send you a link when the online gallery is ready.

    If you have not yet done your senior portraits, don’t worry, we can still get a session done after school some day the next few days!  The No Limits session has you covered. We can make portraits at your place or at the studio just like we did for Autumn and Tyler. Just contact the studio and we can make it happen.

    mindy whitmore lake 2010 grad pictures

    Yet another inspiring senior portrait session.  A Whitmore Lake Class of 2010 senior grad-to-be, Mindy will be graduating with both a high school diploma and an associates degree.  Wow.

    This gal is focused.    She knew exactly what 4 things she wanted to represent at her senior portrait session this week:  her church, her political activities, her love of the water, and her love of the photography. I had to laugh when we were making the head and shoulders picture for the school yearbook.  I  commented that I liked her necklace.  ‘Oh, I made it from rocks I gathered when we climbed Mt. Aetna in Italy’.  You know, some individuals just are focused on making the most every effort. I salute you Mindy!