Looking for a professional Ann Arbor Child Photographer?

A touching, powerful portrait of your child

is simply what we both desire to create when you come to Photo Generations. Sadly we no longer do studio portraits! 🙁 We had a great run at the studio!    This page shows the philosophy behind those sessions of yore. The babies of these past sessions have babies of their own! or are now graduating high school (or college)!   I still  love to do grad senior sessions! We do on-locations shoots. See the seniors’ site booking info here.  But for family/baby clients–only  a select few are accepted –as of late summer 2019.

Thank you past clients! If I can be of service don’t hesitate to get in touch!


The natural light from the double bay windows in our 1850’s era house–just a few doors from Main Street in downtown Dexter– helps us create a laid back atmosphere comforable for toddler & child portraits. (If you are looking for newborn photography please check out our Generations Baby Plan specifically for newborns first year of portraits.)

Why F8 & Be Therelet's plan itlet's make pictures!session costs

I have worked as a professional Ann Arbor Child photographer many years & I have learned that, for me to tell your child’s story in photography I need to know what you desire to have from the session. Often clients are not aware of what they want.
Do you yearn for a formal portrait that echos your mother’s portrait? Do you want to capture in a photograph your child’s joy, sweetness and silliness? These are two very different types of child photography. So we talk. This allows me to clarify what it is you desire. Then I can prepare to tell your child’s story for you in photography.
Having been both a photojournalist and a child & baby photographer I’ve learned this:
Child photography is a lot like news photography:

‘F8 & be there’. [Translation: Keep it simple. And Be Ready]
Simplicity is at the heart of wonderful children photography here in Ann Arbor and the world over. With children, less fuss = less stress = comfortable child = natural expressions = golden moments + better images.

# 2: Baby photography is a lot like news photography:

Tell the Story’. [Translation: Know your Subject]

Preparation allows Simplicity…and wonderful natural child portraits.

Planning = A key to creating a meaningful elegant child portrait

• 1: We talk so I can understand what you desire. A quiet portrait? a fun lively series? Are these primarily for gifts or home decorations or…?
• 2: We talk so you can understand the possibilities of what we can create together. Is your heart set on an outdoor portrait? That can happen. What time is best?
• 3: We talk & agree to a portrait strategy allowing your child to be relaxed and ready.

Less fuss+more preparation = wonderful images
I prefer you actually visit the studio to get the lay of the land. We talk together prior to photography day to discover how your preferences and needs will mesh with my style of child and toddler photography.

This preparation allows you to arrive with your child ready on portrait session day. When you, mom, are relaxed, (surprise! it’s true) your child’s session will be very smooth and enjoyable!

Arrive at session time prepared to start making images almost immediately. Why: The studio feels like a home so kids warmup quickly during the portrait session. I’ve found that most children aged 18-months to 5 years are naturally ready! Sometimes a warm-up time is needed, that’s okay. Of course we pause for hair and clothing tune-ups.

We have least one hour for our time together, and we may not use all that time. We do not rush. I schedule only one client-at-a-time-that is especially necessary at child photography session times. We focus on capturing wonderful images at session time.

You will return after the session for the Big Show. You’ll see your session’s best images with my artist suggessions for display-including a few special touches you may not have pre-envisioned.

Regarding cost of a session and prints, most families spend between $300 and $3000 depending on tastes and budget. Sessions start at $100 for child portraits during the week. Families and weekend photography sessions start at $150. We also have a wonderful value in the Baby First Year in Portrait Plan . Ask about it! Call 734.426.0700.

Next Step: Let’s Talk. Let’s find out what kind of portrait to make of your kids.
I hope the above information helps you get a feel of how we do our young child portraits here. Dexter-Ann Arbor commute time is very good and most moms are able to drive 20 to 40 minutes and everyone arrives & we’re ready to roll in no time. Before we know it- the session is a success and we’re havin’ snacks!

Child Photography: Start the conversation! In Ann Arbor Call 734.426.0700
With a bit of thought and planning we can make the perfect portrait of your children. So, take the next step.

Call 734.426.0700 to chat or email colleenATphotogenerationsDOTcom. Note: I meet by appointment only. Leave both your number and the best time to talk-morning/evening times okay. I know that you will be thrilled with your portraits so let’s do it!