ann arbor family portrait presentation options

your family portrait session does not stop with the session. we look at it on YOUR Virtual Wall to find the perfect look to compliment your decor

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don’t hide your awesome family portrait in a corner on your desk…Put it up where everyone can enjoy!

Your family portrait ‘Big Show’portrait debut

Now that you have had your portrait session, it is time to choose your favorite images. You see your portraits for the first time, big and beautiful, in the ‘Big Show”. For every Photo Generations Ann Arbor family portrait presentation options are presented via an in-studio ‘Big Show’ portrait debut.

what is the ‘Big Show’?

The Big Show we use is a special presentation system that allows us to see your portraits larger than life, so you get a good look at all the details. We compare images side by side and you choose the faves for a portrait grouping. But the best part is that, if you provide me a picture of the wall you want to decorate, I can virtually project your new portraits onto your wall during the Big Show at the studio! This way you can get an amazingly accurate feeling of which portraits at what size in what particular frame best compliments your home decor!

why a Big Show?

You can’t enjoy your pictures if you don’t see them displayed. I have found that many clients looking for a family portrait never think about exactly where they are going to display their finished family portrait, except in vague terms–‘somewhere in their house in Ann Arbor, Chelsea or Saline’. Some clients are so excited to just get the family together, that they haven’t thought further. You might be surprised that a few of my clients I’ve touched base with a year after they purchased their portraits, and the PICTURE STILL HAD NOT BEEN FRAMED OR HUNG ON THE WALL because they were’nt sure what kind of frame to choose. I love making portraits, and it makes me a little sad because I want you to have your awesome family portrait hanging right where you can enjoy it every time you walk by!

the Big Show clearly shows your best family portrait display choices

I have found that when I show you your family portrait presentation options and your *stellar* family pictures as they might appear on your wall in your home –then your indecision of ‘what frame do I choose’ or ‘I love so many pictures, which do I choose and how do I group them’ — these kind of questions melt away.

It becomes clear which images tell your story and deserve to be on the walls in your kithchen, or kid’s playroom or dining room, or your home up north.

enjoy your family portrait-not like a polaroid picture but a masterpiece, that’s the goal

Have you ever gone to an art museum? Have you ever stood in front of a gorgeous painting staring at all the pretty colors? The lush reds in that Renior painting, or Cezennne’s portraits? Why are those pictures so powerful? The magic of many portraits comes out when you get a chance to step back and really let your eyes wander around. In a small photo you can’t do that. But in a large photo you can. So that is one reason I love to show you your family portraits in the Big Show large enough that you can get lost in them!

how I learned from having my own family portrait made…5×7 11×14 or 20×24?

The power of a larger portrait has to be experienced to be appreciated. In my Ann Arbor newspaper photographer days a 7″ picture was HUGE–most were printed smaller that the palm of your hand. So when my own family portrait was made when I first started the studio near Ann Arbor, I ‘splurged’ and prepared a 14-inch portrait of our beach portrait. I was thrilled with that portrait of my family…till I made a 24″ canvas–and that canvas blew the other portrait out of the water, as far as impact goes. I am soooooo much more happy with the wall art than the little 14″ portrait. But cha gotta experience it to understand.

My mission is to make a family portrait you are so happy with that you will want to have an adequately-size portrait as well! I’m telling you, that portrait will mean more every year that goes by. My family portrait is something I treasure more today that the year it was made. This is the experience I’m hoping you have when you have a Photo Generations family portrait made!

A gorgeous family portrait you’ll be thrilled to display. That’s what we both want! The Big Show after your session shows you different portrait art -choices to match your style- on the *virtual* walls of your home. —contact studio for info.

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