Ann Arbor Family Photography

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creating Ann Arbor Family Photography art

Every Family is Different:
So we tailor your portrait session to your Style

Families come in many flavors. Portrait styles reflect the differences.

Are you:

  •  looking for a generational portrait with grandparents and the kids?
  • celebrating your first new baby into the family?
  • kids already almost in middle school?

Do you:

  • decorate your home with lush colors and period furniture?
  • prefer clean lines and minimalist styling?

Just as decorating sensibilities vary greatly, portrait styles are different as well.

Colleen talks with each client to preplan your session and to match your needs and style with one of her family photography portrait styles.

Common Theme:
Family Portraits can be Fun

Your portrait does not have to… have everyone dressed in their best clothes… You can truly be interacting and sharing a fun moment!


Let’s Talk.
Let’s find out what kind of portrait to make.

Because we have many options, we need to chat.

Together we will plan it days before the session.

We will narrow down and pinpoint what your portrait style is.

  • Something playful?
  • Something tender?
  • Something formal?
  • love Black and White family photography?
  • prefer a family portrait at one of the Ann Arbor area parks?

During our chat you may look at different family portrait samples at the studio we’ll easily zero in on which way to go for your family portrait style!

Your portrait possibilities:

  • you may be involved in an activity you enjoy together…
  • you may be in a cozy corner in your home
  • or in a nook of your yard
  • or at a park in the area…
  • you maybe at a beach
  • or the family place up north…
  • We may do an elegant Black and White study here at the studio. Our studio has a comfortable feeling because it is located in a 19th century home and we often use window light for a natural candid feel.

With a bit of thought and planning we can make the perfect portrait for this time in your family’s life!

why I chose to be a family photographer in Ann Arbor

My career started as a University of Michigan Ann Arbor art history photographer, then as an Ann Arbor newspaper staff photographer. I loved my time taking pictures around Ann Arbor. As one of 5 siblings, I love family dynamics, with the siblings goofing around. So it’s natural that I chose to open a studio in Dexter near Ann Arbor to make family pictures!
It’s fun seeing who prefers to snuggle with mom, or what dad will do to get his little one to laugh. Getting to know your family a little bit is a way to learn what your personalities are before we start making pictures. It’s enjoyable for me and relaxing for you. And I love, love, love it when we succeed and make a Wonderful piece of family portrait art!

Start planning your  Family portrait session Now!

Family life can be very busy.
I hope this inspires you to take the next step in creating your family portrait.

Please take a moment now  and contact me to get started on making your family portrait happen!

Call 734.426.0700 to chat or email


P.S.  I meet by appointment only. If I am with a client leave both an evening and day number that I might reach you at. I know that you will be thrilled with your portraits!

P.P.S. Regarding cost of a session and prints, most families spend between $400 and $3000 depending on tastes and budget. Sessions start at $100 for child, $150 for family portraits during the week. Weekend photography sessions add $100. (and remember our ‘always complimentary (free) ‘newborn photography & daddy session’ offer for newborns up to 3 weeks old!)


look over this short guide to get an ideas for your family or child photography session. Photo Generations is a portrait studio located in Dexter just 6 miles west of downtown Ann Arbor Michigan

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How your portrait looks on your wall in your home. See how here.This is an aspect of family portraiture that many forget about when planning a family portrait session! Because I love portaiture I put a lot of effort into making your family portrait something special and I desire to have your portrait displayed in a way that you will get Max satisfaction from. So we show your pictures after the session at a Big Show, and I suggest some display options as part of the whole family portrait session standard way we do things.